Air Force Pilot Survival Knife


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A reissue of extremely rare standard issue knife. In the late 1940’s, General Curtis LeMay, the head of the Strategic Air Command (SAC), authorized the creation of a survival kit for the crews of the long range bombers. Requirements were to be an effective tool for survival in the wild, with the ability to perform a number of functions to include field dressing and cleaning fish. A must was that the knife had to be lightweight. The Air Force reviewed the Randall Model 14, but deemed it too heavy. Decision makers who were well aware of the “Tree Brand” product requested input from Boker. The initial production of 300 pieces for evaluation resulted in immediate approval and the Boker fixed blade became the official survival knife of the U.S. Air Force.Blade Steel: SK5 Carbon Steel; Mirror Polished.Handle Material: Leather with Aluminum and Brass Spacers and Pommel.Blade Length: 4 1/2″.Overall Length: 8 3/8″. Carry System: SAC Leather sheath.

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