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Enhanced with a number of essential survival tools, the UST StarFlash Multi-Tool Signal Mirror has a built-in precision aiming system for accurate signaling, making it a must-have for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness. The virtually unbreakable mirror also features a lanyard for convenient attachment to gear, and it works even in overcast conditions or at night with moonlight or other light sources.

In addition to using it for emergency signaling, its handy for personal grooming as well. The StarFlash Multi-Tool includes a flint bar on the mirror edge to create fire in case of emergency, a ruler and liquid filled compass to make navigation a snap, and a whistle for additional signaling devices.


– Multi-function, ultralight signal mirror with built-in precision aiming system; ideal for any survival kit
– Virtually unbreakable mirror works in overcast conditions

StarFlash Multi-Tool Components:

Flint fire starter bar
Ruler (inch)
Lanyard with whistle
– Liquid filled compass
– Ruler (cm)


– Dimensions: 4.60″ x 3″ x 1/4″
– Weight: 3.20 oz
– Color: Clear

manufacturer no: 20-MTL0005
bar code: 811747024385

manufacturer : Ultimate Survival Technologies
shipping dimensions:
weight: 0.25
dimensional weight: 5 (w) x1 (h) x8 (d)

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Weight 0.45 oz

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